Collection type is a way to group related items. Swift currently provides three basic yet essential data structures for storing collections of values:

Arrays - An ordered collection of values.
Sets - Unordered collection of unique values.
Dictionaries - Unordered collections of key-value associations.

They fulfil most of our use cases but have you come across any requirement where we might need more functionalities. We have always struggled when we want to mix and match these data structures like what if we wanted an ordered set.
All of us must have created custom functions to meet our requirements.

The last stable release of SwiftLang was 5.2.3 which came in April 2020 and 5.3 is ready to make its apperance as it is in the stage of development and the release branch has already been created. The least to expect in the WWDC announcements this year is that Xcode 12 will include Swift 5.3 🤯. Let’s dive in to see what’s in this pre-release package 🚀

Within these efforts, the language is expanding the availability and support of Swift for Windows and additional Linux distributions. Swift now offers downloadable toolchain and docker images for various Linux distributions.

Learning, this story of a lumberjack told us all how important it is. Most of the companies try and provide opportunities to their techies to be up-to-date with the tech world. But the community is the beast of the knowledge supply for all the devs. Using the tech brotherhood at the office, we started with Learning Sessions Calendar and T(ea && ech)-Chat sessions initiative sometime back, something that provides direct and parallel learning to be a complete package. In addition to sharing knowledge and working together, it also enhances the bond between us. But how about increasing this brotherhood to…

Sakshi Chauhan

An iOS Developer at Tokopedia. Mail me at

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